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JAIN-UI 2024
JAIN-UI 2024

Vishwas has been serving the stakeholders of JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) since 2004. The counselors have been placed in every campus to meet the psychological needs of students, staff, and parents. Vishwas was propounded in the year 2004 under Dr. Uma Warrier for SBMJC (Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer JAIN College) to bring in all counseling centers under one umbrella.

Vishwas helps the students cope with issues connected to normative stress, adjustment difficulties, and life transitions. It aims at promoting mental health in the campus community. It tries to solve issues related to learning problems, disabilities, substance abuse/chemical dependency, relationship problems, personal habits, family related issues, anger management, problems related to identity and self-esteem, domestic violence, anxiety, trauma, and cultural/ethnic diversity. The counselors of the institution suggest ways to cope or overcome these issues with relevant psychotherapeutic techniques. Confidentiality is maintained for the services and information. It is an altruistic effort on our part and the services are not changed.

The five areas of support
  • Personal Counseling - Supportive one-on-one counseling services to provide quality mental health care to the student community
  • Academic Support Program - To offer support and guidance to students to achieve academic success
  • Outreach Workshops - To provide information and sensitize students to issues related to positive mental health
  • Career Development Programs - To assist students in decisions related to career development
  • Crisis Management and Referrals - To mobilize immediate action during crisis by making referrals to mental health centers/professionals
  • To provide opportunities for continuous self-development.
  • To maximize individual potential for a harmonious growth of mind and body
  • To facilitate a conducive environment for students which supports learning
  • To enable the individual to recognize the capacity of self
  • To enhance the quality of interpersonal relationships
  • To strengthen the coping skills of individuals
  • To enhance the overall performance and wellbeing of individuals
Achievements of Vishwas
  • Collaboration with NGOs Whitw Swan and Hospitals Abhaya and NIMHANS for well-being of the students.
  • Life skills program of non-teaching faculty
  • Session on Parenting for Jain student parents
  • Emotional intelligence for teaching faculty with collaboration with TATVA
  • Psychological intercollegiate fest “Soukya”
  • Campus Wide Substance abuse awareness drive
  • Conducting Orientation session for new batch students to destigmatize Mental Health
  • Career guidance program “Margadarsi”
  • Virtual Mental Health platform “Manasa” during Covid times.
  • Sessions on conducted on various psycho-educative topics like Exam anxiety, Grooming, Adjustment issues, Peer counseling to name a few.
JAIN-UI 2024
Campus Counselor
School of commerce

Completed Masters in Psychology, certified in psychological counseling. Expert in conducting counseling sessions for relationship issues, anxiety, depression, interpersonal and intrapersonal issues, and abuse (verbal & sexual). Experienced in facilitating training programs pertaining to life skills and emotional Intelligence. Uses integrative therapeutic approach.