JAIN-UI 2024


JAIN-UI 2024
JAIN-UI 2024

The department of Samskritam, under the banner of प्रभवः strives hard to cater to the literary inquisitiveness of the students. It tries to develop the aesthetic sense of young mind, sharpen language, and dramatic skills. The word Prabhavaha is a synonym for cause of existence, prominent, excelling, and distinguished. Hence, with an intention of seeing the young minds excel in all fields, the department aims to instil moral and cultural values among the youth. In concurrence with this motto, various guest lectures, seminars, and inter-collegiate literary competitions are organized. Prabhavaha celebrates occasions like Gurupurnima and Geetha Jayanti. The World Samskrita Day celebration is organized as a seven-day festival, which is known as संस्कृतसप्ताह.

Activities of the Student Society
  1. Quiz- रसप्रश्नः
  2. Memory test- स्मरणशक्तिस्पर्धा
  3. Names of Indian river- भारतस्य नदीनां नामानि
  4. Story telling- कथाश्रवणम्
  5. Shloka chanting- श्लोक स्पर्धा
Faculty Coordinator

Dr. Natesha L