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JAIN-UI 2024
JAIN-UI 2024

ARTOGRAPHY- The literary club of the Department of English aims to hone the literary and linguistic skills of the students. Through various literary and creative events under its banner, the club focuses on the aesthetic and creative growth of the students. The club comprises the department's faculty members supervising and coordinating with students on a time-to-time basis. The student members are proactive in organising the events throughout the year for poetry slams, creative writing, art exhibitions, debates, and extempore. These events help students develop a taste for literature, expanding their horizons beyond the syllabus. Events like debates and extempore help sensitise students to react to injustice, discrimination, and other social issues of relevance. The club ensures that this journey into the realms of art and literature fine tunes the inner self-nurturing the creative thirst of the young minds. Artography raises a platform for students to exhibit their various artistic talents every year under the banner of Articurate – the Art Exhibition.

Dr. Yashashwini M (Mentor)
Head, Department of English
School of Commerce, School of Computer Science & IT
JAIN (Deemed-to-be University)
Dr. Kavya Venkatraman
Assistant Professor, Department of English
SC & SCS & IT, JAIN (Deemed-to-be University)
Mr. Sangeeth SG
Assistant Professor, Department of English
SC & SCS & IT, JAIN (Deemed-to-be University)

2018-2019: Debate: An intra-college debate competition was held which was also an elimination round for shortlisting candidates for the upcoming Freshers’ Feast.

2018-2019: Poetry Slam: Inter college Poetry slam was organized jointly by Artography and Samashti Literary Council with an aim of fostering imaginative and creative minds.

2019-2020: Guest Lecture on Creative Writing by Andaleeb Wajid: An informative and enriching workshop was organized on the nuances and style of creative writing by celebrated author Andaleeb Wajid. She is a Bangalore- based writer who explored diverse topics in her writing like food, relationships and Muslim weddings.

2019- 2020: Regional Movie screening under Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat: A weeklong movie screening was organized under the banner of ‘Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat’ on 16.12.2019. Regional movies representing the under privileged class, caste and gender were screened for sensitizing the subaltern issues among the young minds.

2019- 2020: Guest Lecture Session on Global Warming by Dr. Chetan Nag: Artography organized yet another useful and learning session delivered by Dr. Chetan Nag, Assistant Professor of Jain deemed to be University. It was an awareness session where Professor Nag emphasized on the scientific explanations causing global warming and measures of mitigating the same.

2019- 2020: Articurate, Art and Craft Carnival: Articurate with a view to provide a platform for display of artistic ideas and creative talents. The exhibition was one of its kind featuring hand crafts, paintings, clay models, instant sketching, photography, digital paintings and sketches coupled with displays of creative writing and poems.


An informative and enriching workshop organized on the nuances and style of creative writing by celebrated author

Inauguration of ARTICURATE