JAIN-UI 2024


JAIN-UI 2024
JAIN-UI 2024

Antaral, translated as interval, also means bringing changes. Antaral is an initiative to make a difference in the society by taking small steps, raising awareness of unspoken issues, and initiating talks and discussions. As a part of the transition process, we create an atmosphere of equality and opportunity among people. We also strive to promote environmental wellbeing.

We have always believed that transformation is a state of mind that can be altered by altering people's mind-set. We not only focus on how to bring a change but also emphasis on how individuals adapt and react to stereotypes present in the society.

The objectives of Antaral are as follows:
  1. CHAITANYA – To create awareness
  2. SAMWAD – To discuss on various topics
  3. ASHNAH – To make a difference
  4. SAMATVA – Equality for all beings
  5. PARYAVARNA – Environment
  1. Dr. Anjali Motwani
  2. Dr. Riya Singh
  3. Dr. Shruti Mishra
  1. Shradha Arun Naik
  2. Tabasum Aftab Hossain
  3. Rajuri Hamsika
  4. Husna Banu B
  5. Srishti Inamdar
  6. Nagajhanitha K
  7. Kushal Raj
  8. Owais Khan
  9. A Ghanshyam
  • World Cancer Day Awareness Program
  • Mentoring Session
  • World Contraception Day
  • Suicide Prevention Day